Blood on the Clocktower: The Harlot

Advance copies of Blood on the Clocktower ‌are already in these cities

Public sessions of Blood on the Clocktower are happening all the time. Join the Facebook groups or Meetups for the cities below if you're nearby and want to play.

Make new friends. Accuse them of murder!

Blood on the Clocktower: The Matron

Blood on the Clocktower is showing at these events

We'll be at these events running games of Blood on the Clocktower for anyone to play. Keep an eye on this space, find us on social media, or sign up to our newsletter to learn when new events are announced. If you're not near any of these cities or showings and really can't wait, ‌get in touch‌ with us and we'll see what we can do.


Bi-Monthly Sydney Game @ The Horse Hotel, Surry Hills

1st Monday and 3rd Thursday each month (except public holidays)

381 Crown Street, Surry Hills, NSW 2010

We're running games twice a month at the Horse Hotel in Surry Hills. ‌ This is a great way for newer players to try out the game outside of a festival or ‌ convention and for regular players to meet new people. Also, it's a pretty great pub.

Find info and RSVP on our ‌Facebook events‌ or our ‌Meetup group.

LFG Sydney

13th - 15th July

Bankstown Sports Club

Steven will be running games at LFG (Looking For Gamers) Sydney, a three day event ‌ for tabletop aficionados of all ages and stripes, bringing together casual board gamers, ‌ role players, hardcore wargamers and everyone in between. ‌Tickets available here.

AVCon - Adelaide

20th - 20nd July

Adelaide Convention Centre

Blood on the Clocktower is going to Adelaide! The City of Churches will have its first chance to play this addictive new bluffing game. ‌ Steven will be running games at AVCon, a not-for-profit event focused on supporting the local and interstate anime and gamer community.Tickets available here.

EttinCon - The Blue Mountains

4th August

Blackheath Community Centre

Amy will be running games in the cozy fireside parlour at EttinCon, a twice-yearly gaming ‌ event in the beautiful Blue Mountains west of Sydney, a con founded as a place to meet new ‌ players, discover new games, and enjoy hobbies by sharing them. ‌Tickets available here.

GAMMA.CON - Canberra

4th - 5th August

EPIC (Exhibition Park in Canberra)

Steven, Eden, and Andy will all make the trip to the nation's capital to run games at the ‌ largest pop culture event in the area. GAMMA.CON is a two day event dedicated to entertaining ‌ casual and dedicated fans of TV, anime, movies, books, comics, gaming, technology and collectable. ‌Tickets available here.

The 10th Salisbury Festival of Board Games - Sydney

20th - 22nd September

Evin's Pleasure Palace - 104 Salisbury Road, Camperdown NSW

Come and play Blood on the Clocktower where it all began! The whole Clocktower team will ‌ be at the Tenth Salisbury Festival of Board Games – a twice-yearly three-day board games ‌ house party co-hosted by Evin, Steven, and their friend Filip in Evin's home in Sydney. And it's completely free!

GeeCon - Darwin

29th - 30th September

Darwin Convention Centre

Steven and Eden will bring Blood on the Clocktower to Darwin for the first time! ‌ GeeCon promises to be an exciting weekend of fun, adventure and pop-culture goodness – ‌ and, of course, as much Clocktower as you can handle. ‌Tickets available here.

PAX Australia - Melbourne

26th - 28th October

Melbourne Convention Centre

Evin and Eden will be running games at PAX Australia – one of the biggest and best gaming ‌ events in the Southern Hemisphere. The vibe at PAX is always electric and we always have a blast. ‌ Be there for Blood on the Clocktower's return to Melbourne! ‌Tickets available here.


CharCon – Charlestown WV

13nd - 15th July

The Clay Centre

Evin continues his journey through America, taking Blood on the Clocktower to CharCon. ‌ An annual celebration of board games, RPGs, and miniature gaming, it features panels, ‌ costume contests, parties, vendors, children's activities and more! Games will run on the hour and you can sign up here. ‌you can sign up here.

Tickets available here.

GenCon - Indianapolis IN

2nd - 5th August

Indiana Convention Centre

Evin will be running games at GenCon, the largest consumer hobby, fantasy, science fiction, ‌ and adventure game convention in North America. Games will run on the hour and ‌you can sign up here.

Convention badges available here.

PAX West - Seattle WA

31st August - 3rd September

Washington State Convention Centre

Evin and Eden will be running games at PAX West – the location of the original Penny ‌ Arcade Expo. This is bound to be another amazing expo from the PAX team. ‌Tickets available here.

PAX Unlugged - Philadelphia PA

30th November - 2nd December

Eden is definitely going to PAX Unplugged and either Evin or Steven will be with her for ‌ the last big convention before we Kickstart! Blood on the Clocktower has been a crowd ‌ favourite at PAX and we're looking forward to running games at their analog-focused expo. ‌Tickets available here.


Essen Spiel - Essen, Germany

25th - 28th October

Messe Essen

Steven is going to Essen Spiel, the world's biggest gaming fair, to show off Blood on the Clocktower! ‌Tickets on sale here.

Blood on the Clocktower is a captivating new bluffing and deduction game, scheduled for release in 2019.

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