On the stroke of midnight...

During a hellish thunderstorm, a scream echoes through the sleepy town of Ravenswood Bluff. The townsfolk rush to investigate and find the beloved local storyteller has been murdered, their body hanging limp from the clocktower. As blood drips onto the cobblestones below, a realisation slowly dawns… a demon has been unleashed, killing by night and taking on human form by day.

Can good find the demon in time? Or will evil overrun this once peaceful town?

What is this Game?

Blood on the Clocktower is a game of murder and mystery, lies and logic, deduction and deception for five-to-twenty courageous players and one devious storyteller.

A social game played in person, seated in a circle, each player receives either a ‘good’ or ‘evil’ token with their unique character on it. Good players share information to solve the mystery whilst evil players lie about who they are and what they know. The good team wins if they can piece together their knowledge, trust each other, and execute the demon. The evil team wins if the demon can sow distrust, evade detection, and wipe out the village.

An Instant Community in a Box

Forges relationships. Whether it’s in the leaps of trust the good team make to find each other, in the ‘us against the world’ camaraderie of the evil team, or even in the laughter you’ll all share together.

Have a safe space to lie. The social contract that it’s good to be honest is happily suspended, allowing you to cause as much chaos & mayhem as you want, in a carefully developed social system that incentivises maximum trickery with maximum kindness.

Take as much or as little of the spotlight as you’re comfortable with. Choose whether to talk your head off and lead the charge, sit quietly back and deduce from afar, or something in between. Every character in this game is important and everyone has their moment.

Surprise yourself with how cunning you can be when your back’s against the wall, finding wildly creative bluffs, seeing through the cleverest of lies, or winning everyone over with your most persuasive arguments.

Make new friends and reconnect with old, you’ll see your loved ones like you’ve never seen them before, reminiscing about the games you play months or even years later.

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