A script is a collection of Blood on the Clocktower characters arranged together to create a particular style of game. Each player receives a reference sheet so they know what characters might be in play, what they could bluff as, and what everyone’s special ability is.

The game comes with three base scripts: Trouble Brewing, Bad Moon Rising, and Sects & Violets. These were painstakingly developed over years of testing and modification to provide the best possible experience. They form the game’s first three official editions.

Using the script tool, all characters in Blood on the Clocktower can be rearranged into an endless combination of custom scripts to produce limitless variations on the game and the social experience. Try it out yourself.


Custom script of the "month"

We like to feature scripts that catch our attention.
They may be shrewdly constructed, or full of wacky combos, or have a strong core idea.
Try this month’s with your group, if you dare.

Recommended scripts

These custom scripts have stood the test of time.
Each one is battle-tested and has a clear intent.
We recommend these when your group is ready to branch beyond the base three.

Welcome to Teensyville

Teensyville is a Blood on the Clocktower script composed specifically for 5-6 players, plus the Storyteller. It’s perfect for those with a smaller gaming group, or who prefer playing at more intimate player counts, or who want to start playing before the whole group arrives for larger games.

Teensyville scripts typically have: 6 Townsfolk, 2 Outsiders, 2 Minions, and 1 or 2 Demons. The format allows new script writers to get a handle on all the different potential character interactions in the game before trying their hand at a larger script, and allows experienced script writers to create a focused experience around a particular idea.

We’ve included a few of our favourite Teensyville scripts here. We recommend No Greater Joy a great place to start with Teensyville if you’re new to Blood on the Clocktower.

Teensyville scripts