The Pandemonium Institute

The Pandemonium Institute was founded in 2019 with the goals of getting Blood on the Clocktower out into the world, creating great games, and bringing people together.

We began as a small company in Sydney, Australia, with just three or four of us holding our meetings at the local gelato parlour. We travelled the world to introduce Blood on the Clocktower to as many people as possible in person and learned an awful lot along the way. With the success of the game we’ve been able to recruit a few extra members from Sydney and around the globe, and set our sights on some fun and ambitious plans for the future. We’re still a small company, and we still meet at the gelato parlour sometimes, but with a commitment to our values and a bit of good luck we plan to keep making great games and bringing people together.

The Pandemonium Institute is committed to simplicity and to the positive experience of the new player. Our primary “marketing” strategy is simply to make really good games. We prefer to take the time to get things right. We won’t always be reaching our goals on the fastest possible timeline, but when we reach them you can be guaranteed a product of high quality with an enormous amount of time, thought, and effort invested into it.


Fabled Storytellers

What We’ve Accomplished

Blood on the Clocktower funded on Kickststarter in March 2019, with support from 6,434 backers from 55 countries it raised $573,621 USD - nearly nine times its original funding goal. After an intensive pre-production period that was longer than anticipated, spanning the heights of the Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021, the game was finally released in 2022, finding its way into backers’ and customers’ hands from May 2022 onwards.

A world-first Blood on the Clocktower convention, Clocktower Con, took place in Washington DC in April 2023 after smashing through its funding goal on Kickstarter. The wild antics of No Rolls Barred playing Blood on the Clocktower continues to draw new players into the game, especially with their own Kickstarter campaign for more in-person episodes reaching all of its stretch goals.

Over twenty thousand copies of Blood on the Clocktower have already been sold worldwide, in both English and translated into Simplified Chinese. A third printing of the game will be made in 2023, allowing us to continue delivering the game all over the globe. The global community continues to grow as more players discover the game and get hooked on it.