Midnight Oasis



The Midnight Oasis is a script about doing. While there are some information roles, the script is defined by power characters that have significant, exciting effects on the game - Farmer, Golem, Engineer, Professor, Poppy Grower, Pit-Hag & Psychopath among them.

The first day of Midnight Oasis will (usually, hopefully) be a relaxing one for the evil team. There will be few, if any, information leads pointing in their direction. From there, it typically becomes a race. Powerful abilities will start to come online, good characters will start proving themselves. Power clashes with power. A careless evil team may find their Demon cornered, with nowhere to hide. A careless good team may find themselves decimated in the blink of an eye.

Key Characters

Al-Hadikhia, Psychopath, Cannibal

Fabled Characters

Spirit of Ivory, Sentinel

Storyteller Complexity


Player Complexity


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