SECTS & VIOLETS is the craziest of the three editions included in the base set. Good characters get amazing information each and every night. However, the evil team is extremely varied and threatening and can throw massive confusion into the mix.

Characters change alignment. Players change characters. Even the evil team can lose track of who is who. This is also the first appearance of madness, which throws all manner of spanners into the works.

Intermediate. Recommended for players who want to do wild and unexpected things, pushing the limits of what can be achieved in a bluffing game.

When playing sects & violets…

Good players will almost always have more information than they know what to do with. Unlike in TROUBLE BREWING, where the good team can trust most of their information most of the time, the good team in SECTS & VIOLETS will need to figure out which Demon is in play to even begin to make sense of what’s going on.

To confuse things even further, Outsiders will usually want to lie about who they are for most of the game, and maybe even some Townsfolk will want to do the same. An Outsider that dies can cause terrible disadvantages for the good team, so wise Demons will usually want to kill them as soon as possible.

Evil players will want to kill or otherwise remove the threat of the most dangerous Townsfolk as soon as possible. Evil players should also consider whether they give true or false information to the group, since the group may reverse-engineer that information depending on which Demon they believe is in play.

What’s Included?

  • 1 Sects & Violets character almanac

  • 1 Sects & Violets edition box

  • 1 Sects & Violets night sheet

  • 20 Sects & Violets character sheets

  • 26 Sects & Violets character tokens

  • 37 Sects & Violets reminder tokens

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