TRAVELLERS AND FABLED is a collection of wild, strange, powerful characters that are added as needed to games of TROUBLE BREWING, BAD MOON RISING, SECTS & VIOLETS, or other editions. This is not a standalone edition.

Intermediate. Recommended for Storytellers who are familiar with the basics, and want to run more inclusive and varied games.

When playing Travellers and fabled…

Travellers are characters that players can use if they arrive late to a game or need to leave early. Travellers are also added to games that have more than fifteen players. All players know which player is which Traveller, but not what alignment that player is. Each Traveller has a unique and powerful ability that functions in an obvious way, but they will need to earn the trust of the good team or else risk being exiled from the town.

Fabled are characters for the Storyteller. They cannot be killed and they alter the game itself. Fabled characters are not extra spice to alter a game for the sake of a twist—they help the Storyteller run more balanced, more inclusive games and to solve real-world issues that may arise.

What’s Included?

  • 1 Travellers & Fabled character almanac

  • 1 Travellers & Fabled token box

  • 15 Traveller character tokens

  • 14 Traveller reminder tokens

  • 12 Fabled character tokens

  • 11 Fabled reminder tokens

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